Mayor Quintero’s Plan for a Stronger El Monte

Mayor Andre Quintero
City of El Monte, California

A lifelong El Monte resident, father and husband, Andre Quintero has a very personal stake in the future of our city. As an experienced leader in City government, he has successfully led us through tough challenges in the past, so he knows we’ll come back even stronger.

We can trust Mayor Quintero to safeguard our families and keep El Monte moving forward with:

  • A responsible City budget and continued economic growth
  • Excellent Police and Fire services and essential City programs
  • Beautiful, safe, well-maintained parks and public spaces with added amenities
  • Better accountability in City government through an expanded City Council elected by District
  • Forward-thinking economic development initiatives
  • A fiscally responsible City budget and continued economic growth
  • Sustained pandemic relief efforts to support our families and businesses

Mayor Quintero knows we are stronger when we are united, so he has helped pull together a team of dedicated, effective City leaders to take action and make a real difference for our residents and business community!

Mobilized much needed emergency pandemic relief

Voted to cut Mayor and Council Compensation by 35% during this crisis

Approved major park improvements including El Monte’s 1st Dog and Skate parks

Increased affordable housing for veterans and working families

Diversified City revenues to pay for essential Services

Restored and maintained first-rate City services

Launched major economic and infrastructure development projects

Actively supported Project Room Key to help prevent the spread of COVID 19 and reduce homelessness

Restored the City’s reserve funds after the Great Recession

Vote to re-elect Mayor Andre Quintero
and vote to keep El Monte strong!

Thoughtful.  Experienced.  Responsible.  Proven.





Vote for Mayor Andre Quintero

November 3, 2020